Champagne 2014 Export Statistics Analysis – focusing on Australia and growers

Just a few observations on Champagne Export statistics. Here we have graphs showing different perspectives. You can click on the graphs for a larger popup version.  First, the total bottle statistics for top ten counties.

Here we have the total volumes shipped with Australia coming 6th in total volume. Italy and Spain are still in some financial difficulties and have slipped behind Australia. Belgium  is huge for its population of only 11,000,000 and this would not include the number of bottles bought by the ‘weekend Champagne tourist’. It is only a half day drive to the Champagne region from Belgium and they stock up big time with these statistics being recorded as an ‘in France’ sale. Also German and Italian tourists would stock up also. Japan’s consumption is quite miserly given their population of 127 million. Average per capita wine consumption for Japan is 2.6 litres compared to Belgium’s 26 – yes the Belgians drink 10 times more. This would imply that Japan has terrific future market expansion potential.

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