The truth about biodynamic viticulture.

There is much talk about this type of viticulture. Lots of strange preparations. No herbicides, no pesticides. Copper allowed. Stuff fermented in cow horn etc. etc. Some of the weird concoctions are:

Preparation 500 (horn manure) is prepared in autumn from a cow horn filled with cow manure and composted over winter when the soil forces are turned inwards. It is generally applied at the end of autumn and at the beginning of spring. It is applied to the soil and is ploughed into the soil straight afterwards. Its aim is to stimulate soil life.

Preparation 501 (horn silica) is prepared in spring from a cow horn filled with ground quartz and buried when the life cycle starts again.The quartz is rich in silica, which conducts light and electricity. The preparation is applied onto the plant in late spring and/or summer to stimulate the photosynthesis process as well as to boost the plants immune system.

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Aroma chart

This chart has been around in French for a while, here is an English version I have created with a few tweaks. You can download the hires version.

January Pre-arrival – Eric Rodez and Marie-Noelle Ledru

Arriving in January are the iconic Champagnes from maybe the king and queen of Ambonnay – Eric Rodez and Marie-Noelle Ledru.  Eric combines subtle oak maturation with an extensive array of older reserve wines. Marie-Noelle makes classic wines from carefully manicured vineyards.  Get onto the exclusive subscriber list to get all the details.

November Pre-arrival – Lilbert, Coquillette

Bertrand Lilbert is one of the masters of Cramant terroir, and Stephane Coquillette is a master of Chouilly terroir who also creates a profound Blanc de Noir from Ay. Subscribe to get onto the exclusive email list.