Champagne Gaston Chiquet – Dizy

Cuvee Insolent Base 2007 mainly Pinot Meunier dosage 8g
Round and fruity – easy drinking style – relaxed and open.

Blanc de Blancs d’Ay 100CH all from 2008 dosage 8g
Wow, here we have some beautifull acidity and freshness – citrus and chalk – entwined – great length- SUPERB.

Brut Tradition 2008 (75%)+ reserve wines. 45PM 20PN 35CH dosage 8g.
Pure and long – complex with white fruits – citrus – the 2008 base wine makes this something very very special. Excellent.

Cuvee Rose 40PM 30CH 30PN 2008 base. dosage 8.8g
Lovely smoke and spice here – hints of sour and sherbet – elegant and long. Superb.

Cuvee Reserve base 2005 dosage 8g.
Similar mix to Tradition but on an older base wine. Smoky and leesy with sherry and walnut. Confiture and dried fruits. Big wine and needs food to match it.

Millesime 2003 60PN 40CH dosage 8g
Concentrated – dried fruits – hazelnuts – unctuous. Long and powerfull.

Millesime 2004 60PN 40CH, dosage 8g
Amazing purity, minerals and chalk and citrus – with only a hint of red fruits. Great length – this needs timand will surpass the 2002 in overall quality. Better balanced and very classic. One of the great wines tasted this year. Stunning.

Special Club 2004 70CH 30PN dosage 8g
More finesse and purity than the vintage wine. White fruits and hints of floral make this maybe the best Club that Nicolas has ever made? Sensational.

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