Champagne Tarlant – Oeuilly

Tasting with Benoit and Melanie Tarlant in Oeuilly.

BAM(Pinot Blanc, Arbanne and Petit Meslier). 2008 and reserve wines. Not yet for release – has great acidity and freshness. Will be very good with time.

Brut Zero Nature. 2006 and reserve wines. Ripe and round, creamy and minerally – a classic.

Brut Zero in magnu. 2005 and reserve wines. Quite toasty – still very pure. Long.

Brut Zero Rose. 2007 base and reserve wines. Lovely rounded smoky style – very nice.

Prestige 2000. Disgorged Dec 2011. 90CH 10PN. A rounded evolved style – cool and elegant. Very nice.

Prestige Rose 2000. Disgorged Oct 2011. Lovely elegant spice. Dosage 3g. 90CH. 10PN. Gastronomic style. Toast and apricot, hazelnut and citrus. Classic.

Prestige 1999. 70CH 30PM.Richer and more evolved, apricots, mushroom and sherry overtones.

La Vigne d’Or Meunier 2003. Dosage 2g/l. Quite ripe, nice acid backbone, complex style, again minerals and apricots. Nice wine.

La Vigne Rouge 2003. Dosage 1g/litrte. 100PN. Really nice weight, meaty style with apricots. Mellow round and soft. Evolved but elegant. Steep vineyard in Aisne Valley.

Cuvee Louis 2003 and 2002 blend. Tight and closed – great acidity. Very classic – rather nice.

Cuvee Louis 98 base with 97 and 96. Dosage 3g. Lovely softness and maturity. Honeyed and sherry overtones. Great balance – excellent.

Cuvee Louis 1996. Superb minerality – tight and young – needs some more time yet on lees.

Cuvee Louis 1990.  Magnum. Dosage 5g – disgorged in 1998 or 1999. Lovely complexity and finesse here. Long and supple. Great wine!



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