Lanson 2002 Gold Label Brut

I don’t often do reviews of big house Champagnes since they do not really take my interest. But there has been lots of hype in recent press – and some retail specials also. About the $50 mark – so not a lot of money really.

The mousse is fine and  foaming – maybe a little too coarse for my liking but certainly very appealing. Nose has apricots, red fruits and quite developed aromas. For a 2002 – this seems quite an evolved ripe style. Palate continues the aromas. Certainly this is a nice Champagne but ultimately quite a short finish and not really that complex. Quite evolved style and not really that elegant and not that interesting.  Dosage is supposedly 12.5g/litre – which is way too sweet. Maybe a 14/20 if I had to rate it. Go and get a bottle of growers Champagne and enjoy some complexity.

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