Champagne Seleque – Pierry

Jean-Marc Seleque is slowly taking over running this property with some good wines already appearing.

Partition 2010 – under capsule . 75 CH, 12PN, 13PM. Malolactic has been done. Tight mineral – warm ripe Chardonnay – vivacity with lots of spice. Nice.

Partition 2010 – under cork. More vinous, spicier and rounder.

Partition 2008 – no malo. Perfect acidity, toasty and round. Also nice – for sale next year.

Brut Tradition. 55 CH,40PM,5PN. 15% of reserve wines in barrel. 2009 + reserve wines. Malo has been made, Mytik cork. Dosage 8g/l. Typical house style – round and toasty with nice purity.

Cuvee Speciale.This is at 7g/litre dosage, 60CH,30PM,10PN. Basically similar to above at one year older aging. Nice. 2008 base wine.

Cuvee Reserve, 60CH,30PM,10PN.6g/litre. 2007+ older reserve wines.  More creamy and rounder than above. 2007 base wine. Very complex and quite rich.

Cuvee Or Blanc.  100CH 2008. 40% in barrel, dosage 6g/litre.Spicy citurs with great intensity. Very Good.

Cuvee Comedie 2006. 75CH,10PM,15PN.Dosage 6g/litre. 40% in oak. A step up in complexity and spice. Purity of the vintage is really obnious. Great balance – a great wine.

Cuvee Rose. 85PN,15CH. All from 2008. Chardonnay in oak, with the Pinot being saignee 72 hours. Citrus and spice.Lovely weight and complexity.Really very very good.

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