47 parcels of Chardonnay spread across the Grand Crus of Avize, Cramant, Oger and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger totalling 4.4 hectares. Classic tank fermented and malo-lactic is allowed. Dosages are all at 6gm or less. A tiny producer focusing on highest quality Chardonnay across top quality vineyards. Philippe grows some Pinot Noir but sells it off. He only wants to work with Chardonnay. All the info is on the back label!

Philippe uses a small 2,000kg pneumatic press giving him greater selectivity and control of his tiny parcels of vineyards. 27 of his parcels make up the majority of his vineyards and these are in prestigious Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Oger vineyards. So even though Philippe is based in Cramant he only has small holdings in Cramant and Avize. Why Cramant? His wife’s side of the family own the cuverie and buildings in Cramant. So we should really regard Philippe Glavier as a Le Mesnil-sur-Oger producer.

The style here is all about intensity and precision. These are not ‘pretty’ party wines. Theses are serious vinous masterpieces that offer a profound statement about their terroir.

La Grace d’Alphael is a pure vibrant style. Philippe purposefully ages this on lees for the minimum time, to accentuate the chalky mineral overtones and allow the terroir to speak. Dosage between 5 and 6g/litre.

Genesis is the opposite – older vines with much longer lees time – massive and intense but with great length and elegance. Dosage between 5 and 6g/litre.

Also Philippe has a rose, a vintage wine in bottle and a wood matured pure Cramant only in magnum.

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Chardonnay is on display, and Philippe is proud to show us its diversity. From the elegance and grace of Alphael, to the power and majesty of Genesis. We see purity and minerals. His vintage cuvees are more profound again, but are very limited in quantities.