6.5 ha of vines all undergoing conversion to biodynamic. 3.5 ha Pinot Meunier, 2 ha Pinot Noir and 1 ha Chardonnay across Croutte sur Marne, Nanteuil sur Marne and Villiers Saint Denis – from south east facing vineyards. I first met Jérôme at a tasting in Chateau Pierry and he only showed these already converted biodynamic wines.  30 parcels spread across interesting terroirs. Amazing purity and complexity from vineyards way out west. Jérôme has received a huge amount of great press in the last few months and he is definitely the ‘new kid in town’.  Jérôme ‘s mother stopped selling grapes and started to produce her own Champagne.  After a number of years working selling industrial supplies, Jérôme returned to the family business and his first harvest was 2001. He met a number of Loire winemakers and was impressed by their work in organics and so decided to convert in 2009. Everyone loves the notion of bio-dynamic viticulture but it comes with maybe a  25% price increase. The organic preparations and major amount of extra manual labor adds significant cost.

Jérôme now has six cuvées on the market. All non-vintage although many of them are from a single vintage but not labelled as such. They are 3C, N, M,B, RS and the new 3C Collection.

Cuvée 3C is a blend of the the 3 varieties, Cuvée N is a blanc de noir from Pinot and Meunier, Cuvée M is a pure Meunier generally from a single vintage and Cuvée RS is a Rosé de Saignée . The B is a single vineyard Chardonnay from ‘Le Temple’ vineyard. The 3C Collection is a longer lees time, higher chardonnay proportion of the 3C.

Dosages are all between 0g and 4g per litre. Jérôme asserts the terroir imprint. The wines show amazing finesse and purity, with ultra fine mousse. Oak integration is masterfully subtle. And this year, Jérôme’s wife Charlotte joins to work side by side.

Style: Since moving to biodynamic viticulture, Jérôme has added a layer of elegance and purity. The cuvées reflect their cepages, and the oak influence adds a masterful layer of complexity and elegance. The Pinot Noir shows its red fruit qualities and the Meunier shows its rounded smoky qualities.  Real depth and complexity are a hallmark of all the wines. Jérôme’s wines are different to those of Bedel in the same village – Jérôme’s being more mineral.