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Champagne Voirin-Jumel Blanc de Noirs 1er cru

Based on the 2017 vintage with 20% reserve wines, dosage at 6gm/litre is perfect. From a single 1.48 hectare Pinot Noir vineyard in Mareuil-sur-Ay – Les Carelles. Mareuil-sur-Ay is Billecart Salmon territory, and here the Pinot is always delicate and subtle, hints of strawberry and red fruits, perfume and spice. The novice Champagne drinker may recoil at the notion of drinking a 100% Pinot Noir Champagne, but this wine reveals the purity and elegance of the terroir and competent wine making. In the scheme of things, this wine is way under priced. It simply delivers!

$82.00 SOLD OUT

Champagne André Heucq Héritage Blanc de Meunier Extra Brut

100% Meunier from Cuisles, Chatillon sur Marne, Serzy and Mareuil le Port. Soils are Illite clay. Based on 2015 with 2014 reserve wines. Classic fermentation in stainless steel. This was the initial wine that convinced me to re-discover the Heucq range. Pure and long, hints of mineral and hay, lovely balance. Dosage is Extra Brut at 4gm. SOLD OUT

$92.00 SOLD OUT

Champagne Glavier Alphael Blanc de Blancs

Pure and vibrant in style, this cuvée is dedicated to the angel of knowledge and light. Philippe purposefully ages this on lees for less time, to accentuate the chalky mineral overtones and allow the terroir to speak. Based on 60% 2018 and 40% reserve wines from 2017 and 2016. Dosage 5g/l. 25% Cramant, 34% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 23% Oger and 18% Avize. Vibrantly chalky and mineral, very precise purity. The blend here is slowly evolving with less 'fat' of Avize in the overall makeup.

$95.00 SOLD OUT

Domaine Vincey Oger 2017

100% Chardonnay from a blend of 50 year old vine parcels in Oger. No herbicide, no pesticide, no chaptalisation. Fermented in 50% oak barrels and 50% steel tank. No malo-lactic fermentation, no fining and no filtration. Dosage extra-brut at 1gm/litre. Hugely mineral and intense. Pure and long with a subtle mousse.


Champagne F&R Miniere Brut Zero

Blend of 28% Pinot Noir, 45% Meunier, 27% Chardonnay. 81% 2010 and 19% 2009. Here we see a subtle variation on the Influence cuvée with no dosage. The balance is perfect. The purity and elegance of 2010 adds minerality with subtle oak. Even with no dosage this wine has perfect balance and weight with the oak integration being perfect. The zero dosage appears to accentuate the floral white fruit aromas and salinity. It is interesting to compare the zero and the standard wine. Very different. Initially this Zero cuvée was not destined to be part of the portfolio, but some keen amateur Champagne aficionados convinced Frédéric to do this as a zero – with great success. This is always one of my favourite cuvees and the 2010 based wine is sensational. SOLD OUT

$115.00 SOLD OUT
Champagne Glavier Genesis Blanc de Blancs

Genesis is subtly different from Alphael – with longer lees time – large-scaled and intense but with great length and elegance. Based on 82% 2015 with 18% reserve wines. 16% Cramant, 40% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 19% Oger and 25% Avize. Dosage 5g/l. A different vineyard selection and longer time on lees ramps up the weight and power. Majestic Chardonnay with ultra-fine mousse. Round and saline with citrus and hints of floral. This leans to being more of a food wine. This is a later disgorgement, so now this has more time on lees and more time in the bottle. Palate staining!
$125.00 SOLD OUT
Champagne André Heucq Héritage Assemblage Extra Brut

40% Chardonnay, 30% meunier and 30% pinot, based on 55% 2014 with 55% 2013. From Cuisles and Baslieux sous Chatillon. Dosage is Extra Brut at 4gm. 70% stainless steel and 30% oak with partial malo-lactic fermentation. A beautifully crafted blended wine. Pepper and herb overtones with candied fruit and minerals with the subtle oak adding a smoky component. Low dosage in perfect balance leaves the palate fresh and crisp. 60 months on lees. This is a beautifully crafted 3 varietal blend with a ridiculous 5 years on lees. Just a smashing great wine at a bargain price. SOLD OUT
$95.00 SOLD OUT

Domaine F&R Miniere Influence

Blend of 30% Pinot Noir, 42% Meunier, 28% Chardonnay. Soils are sandy clay loam on limestone base. Dosage 4gm/litre. 81% 2016 and 19% 2015. The meunier component adds some complex aromatics and expands the flavor profile. Creamy and round with some smoky richness. Hints of yellow fruits, citrus and cocoa. Disgorged 5/2021 so 48 months on lees.
Champagne Stéphane Coquillette Carte d’Or 1er Cru
A blend of Grand Cru and Premier Cru. There is 2/3 of Pinot Noir from Aÿ and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and 1/3 of Chardonnay from Chouilly and Cuis. Dosage 5 g/l. Based on 100% 2019 with no reserve wines. Beautifully crisp and savory. All sherbet and minerals. A perfect dosage keeps this wine alive and interesting. A delightful intense approachable style that balances red fruits with minerals. Drinks nicely now and can cellar for a year.

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