25042013 docVictor Pugatschew

My passion for grower Champagne started 20 years ago – with exposure to growers Champagnes from Jean Vesselle, Michel Gonet, Pierre Moncuit and Francois Billion with numerous visits to Champagne region while traveling to Burgundy. I have worked for more that twelve years with a Melbourne wine importer, researching and finding importers for growers Champagne into Australia.  My work and any income I derive from it is 100% devoted to promoting AOC Champagne into Australia. Am I a one eyed ‘grower Champagne’ supporter?  Absolutely!

In the history of my discoveries we have – Franck Bonville, Claude Cazals, Launois, J.L.Vergnon, Emmanuel Lassaigne, Jean Milan, Le Brun Servenay,  Christian Bourmault, Voirin-Jumel, Lilbert, Laherte, Ledru, Eric Rodez, Henriet-Bazin, Bruno Michel, Jose Michel, Tarlant, Benard Pitois, Marc Hebrart, Fabrice Pouillon, Gaston Chiquet, Francis Boulard, Claude Carre, Gosset-Brabant, J.M.Seleque, Jacky Charpentier, Eric Isselee and Veuve Fourny.

Now I have branched out on my own business, searching new discoveries, My range includes Bourgeois-Diaz, Frederic Miniere, Stephane Coquillette, Bertrand Lilbert, Voirin-Jumel, Eric Rodez, Marie-Noelle Ledru, Andre Heucq and Philippe Glavier.

Other interests have been Wine and Food Photography  – winning the Pink Lady Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the year 2015 and 2018, and winning the Photonet Open Photography Prize 2014. Visit my photography website at Photoessence. My images have been featured in Gourmet Traveller, Australian Photography Magazine, Decanter Magazine, Jetstar Magazine. Numerous exhibitions in Melbourne at Photonet Gallery and Magnet Galleries. Many of my photos hang in doctors and dentists surgeries, legal offices and with Champagne growers.

As part of my passion for Champagne, I have created a small import business, searching for terroir focused vinous hand crafted artisan Champagnes for Melbourne clients. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive more information and join the journey of discovery.