Taste Champagne – Melbourne – Tyson Stelzer

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Monday October 12th at Black Events Melbourne.

There were two sessions – Trade first then public in the evening. There was a mix of the usual big house brands, small house brands and growers. Sadly across all market segments, big house and growers we saw variations in integrity. Some cuvees were fresh and some were clearly tired old poorly stored stock. Certainly very obvious across the big brands, but even some grower Champagnes were old and tired.

Getting information as to cuvee composition was hit and miss. Some reps knew everything and some new nothing and had to refer to Tyson’s book to work out the facts. But still it was a fun event.

We are still seeing numerous wines being disgorged at way too high dosage levels. Though there are some nice trends among the big houses to produce extra-brut cuvees finally.