Champagne Dremont Marroy arrival

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Champagne Dremont-Marroy – Charly-sur-Marne

This grower comes from the fourth generation of winemakers in the family, with the son and daughter starting off a radical new project. They started in 2016 following the philosophies and principles of their predecessors. Those of the grandmother, who was a teacher in the morning and managed the vineyard rows in her free time, and of their parents, who started from just 1 hectare to expand to the current 7.5.

But who are these new kids of the vineyards, as they like to call themselves? The first to fully dedicate to the business is Jean-Rémi while the sister Mélanie arrived two years later, after her studies in ecology in Paris. 

They quickly turned to organic farming and a variety of sustainable practices, from grassing between the rows and plowing with the horse. But not just any horse. From a nearly extinct breed,  the Boulonnais or the ‘white marble’ horse. A lot of work, but for what reason? Minimally invasive practices preserve the variability of their 23 vineyard parcels spread across 4 municipalities along the western Marne.

The meandering Marne river along Charly-sur-Marne gives rise to numerous soil structures with varying aspects. Soils can vary from heavy clay, to light sand with numerous ancient alluvial sediments. Combining erosion and sedimentation, the Marne has drawn over time a deep sinuosity in the rock, giving birth to a complex terroir where different types of soil and varied exposures combine which allow the vines to express themselves on each plot of land in a different way.