Champagne O.Belin arrives

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Oliver Belins precise range of Champagnes from the Marne have arrived.

Olivier Belin, winemaker by profession, passionately cultivates 17 plots across 8ha of his estate with his team. Thanks to the hoeing and the maintenance of a natural plant cover, it produces sustainable viticulture throughout the year. He cherishes his old vines which perfectly express the temperament and minerality of his champagnes. Olivier is particularly fond of meunier, a typical and capricious grape variety from the Marne Valley which enriches his vintages. Viticulture is carefully managed respecting each type of soil – clay, limestone tuff, sands, silts. This diversity brings all the complexity to each Belin cuvée. The vinification takes place in small thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and barrels. Olivier produces 6 unique cuvées. Back and front labels are full of detail, with the QR code revealing astonishing details about the cuvees, including the names of the vineyard parcels, steep-ness of the slopes and vineyard trellising.