Domaine Vincey – Oger arrives

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Hot new grower converting from RC to RM. Individual vintage only blanc de Blancs.

he Vincey family have been growing grapes in Oger for 8 generations and for the major part, the resulting Champagne has been produced by the Oger Cooperative. Vincey sends grapes to the Co-op and they get back bottles which they can mature in their cellars for as long as they like and disgorge when necessary. This is their RC business.

Young Quentin Vincey and his wife Marine have refocussed the vision of their Grand Cru vineyards in Oger, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Chouilly. They have decided to convert their very best vineyard parcels to biodynamics and to buy a small timber press and produce only vintage cuvées as part of their new Recoltant-Manipulant business. Their other vineyard grapes will still go to their RC range of Champagnes which include non-vintage cuvées. So this Domaine range of Champagne will always be ONLY vintage.

Their first two cuvées are from Oger and are a simple concept. One cuvée is a blend of Oger parcels, and the other is a mono parcel. They will also have similar cuvées from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger in a few years. Terroir flavour wise, Oger sits between Avize and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, and shares some similarities from each but very much adds its own level of opulence and minerality. Oger is a mini-amphitheatre and hence has an excellent level of ripeness with hints of white fruit. Oger is famous for the Clos of Claude Cazals. Many of the big Champagne houses control vineyards in Oger.