Pernet et Pernet – Organic minerality

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Champagne Pernet et Pernet in Vertus is and RC but Kurt has been farming tiny parcels in Ambonnay and Vertus organically, and now has 3 new RM cuvees.

All Champagnes are vintage 2014 with low dosages.

There are about 5000 ‘growers’ in Champagne so we are led to believe. But only about half of these actually produce and bottle their own wine. This is where we have the RC versus RM designation. An RM or recoltant-manipulant, produce and bottle their own wine from their own vineyards. An RC or recoltant cooperateur has their wine produced by a local Cooperative. This Cooperative takes in grapes from many vignerons and produces large quantity blends of various cuvees. The Cooperative then hand back bottles to the grower to label and disgorge how they want. Champagne Pernet and Pernet in Vertus own 9 hectares of vineyards across Vertus, Ambonnay and Bouzy. They are an RC with bottles produced by the various Cooperatives in Vertus and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, but now Kurt Zimmerman has established an RM range from their own organic vineyard parcels. Kurt has been farming his best parcels in Ambonnay and Vertus organically for a number of years and finally decided to produce his own Champagnes.